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If you're an avid birder, you know how difficult it can be to get the right shot of that feathery friend. It's not enough to track down your target. Perspective, lighting, and timing are equally important for capturing birds worth crowing about!

That’s why we're here today to share some expert tips on how to snap stunning avian photos - after all, even pro photographers need help from time to time.

Ready? Let's take a closer look at what it takes for your feathery subjects to soar off the printed page!

Identifying Your Subject

This might seem like a no-brainer, but with the abundance of natural distractions like jutting branches, cloudy skies, and other birds vying for your shot, all bird photographers must learn how to identify, prioritize, and isolate their subject.

The trick is deciding what elements are essential for the most compelling photos. Utilize your camera's features and unique angles. You can weed out anything that isn't integral to a bird photo's success.

Refine your bird photography skills even further by mastering the art of recognizing, isolating, and making the most of bird photography subjects!

Defining Your Background

Bird photography is all about creativity and making the most of our environment. Switching up the angle can completely transform the background.

It's often worth trying to take bird photos from different angles to see how the backdrop changes. Perhaps a tangle of branches could become brooding dark-blue storm clouds if you drop to the ground and shoot up, or instead, opt for a picturesque blanket of gold by raising your camera and shooting downward with yellow winter grass as a backdrop.

Of course, setting the perfect background will improve with practice. It’s all a part of mastering bird photography!

Understanding Bird Behavior

With birds constantly in motion, the key to photographing them successfully is taking the time to anticipate behavior.

The key is to understand your subject and observe their behaviors--whether it's how they fly, how they mate, or how they fight. By learning the basics of bird behavior, you can draw on your knowledge of different shutter speeds, angles, and other settings to capture bird movement with dynamic results.

With some patience and an eye for bird behavior, soon enough, you'll easily be able to predict what comes next--giving your bird shots that wow factor!

Let Your Passion Guide You!

Take your bird photography skills to the next level by using your passion to your advantage!

With hummingbird and birds of prey photographs so plentiful, the challenge is creating something that stands out from the crowd. Don't shy away from bird species like crows, sparrows, and seagulls - you may be pleasantly surprised by how few competitors there are for such unique shots.

To get truly exceptional photos of these creatures, go beyond bird watching and become a bird connoisseur. Spend quality time at your favorite birding spot, learning all you can about your feathered friends.

That way, if by chance you happen across an eye-popping moment between bird and lens - or bird and bird - you're ready to capture it all in perfect detail.

Editing Your Photos

We all know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to edit your birding photos, especially if you are new to bird photography.

That’s where our birdpack™ Lightroom presets come in! With more than 100 unique effects to choose from, you can take your photos to the next level with the simple click of a button!

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